Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WARNING! Reading this may make you angry...

I have been debating writing this blog for a long time. It's controversial, it's going to make some people cheer and some people very angry. however, I think it needs to be said, I don't think its said enough and I think in this day and age it is fairly appropriate to re-examine our core values.

several hundred years ago people fled to this country seeking religious freedom...the ability to practice their religion, to not have religion and religious beliefs influence laws of the land, people's individual rights or being imposed on others.

In order to ensure their new land would not fall pray to the same old, same old, the authors of our constitution ensured this was stated in the bill of rights...actually it was the very first one they added.
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

Now, I get the point of this was to not create a "national religion" and also to not become so many of the countries that we see that do not even allow any sort of religious worship. However, I wonder if that is where our fathers wanted that to be the end all, be all of our religion...after all, lawyers hadn't quite yet become the skilled writers they are today, I don't think "CYA" had become a forethought for anything that was ever written. There are no asterisk that helped quantify what words meant.

I cant help but wonder if our forefathers would like the fact that religion is often the reason people cite for not allowing people their individual human rights of marriage, adoption, children, family, and love. I wonder they would be happy that mosques get burned down in protest, or how some people's core religious beliefs are "illegal".

I would just like to really impose upon the lawmakers of the US to keep religion out of congress and senate. We are a melting pot of religions, some people's religious views are conservative, some don't have any at all. Therefore, in order to best serve the public and the people as you are elected to do, keep it real, think about those same people you are supposed to be representing and what they need, want, desire- outside of religious contexts. (What I would really like to impose on law makers is a challenge to just pass laws that are good the the population and to stop worrying about the next election...but that is a whole different blog...and probably not quite as controversial:))

The God I believe in loves all of his children, red, yellow, black or white, gay straight, bi-sexual, Muslim, Christian, Jewish...he would want all of them to be happy, to lead their lives as examples to the rest of us and to be forgiving and inclusive.


  1. Yes. We'd sure be grumpy if it were Christian radicals that were committing terrorist acts. Then what? Tell all the Christians in the country that they were all out to bring down the country? That they shouldn't practice their religion? Ha! Yeah right. We'd call their denomination a cult and the rest of the Christian sect would go about their business. It's sad we don't view all other religion and cultures in the same way.

    Totally off subject, I heard a new version of your Jesus Loves the Children song I like even more:

    Red and Yellow, Pink and Green
    They're the best he's ever seen!

    Love it!