Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Every year I try to come up with something I am thankful for that starts with every letter of Thanksgiving.  This year has been wonderful!  I still have the most amazing, wonderful boyfriend a woman could ask for.  We have become so much closer in the last few months and I really have found my soul mate.  My family and friends are (mostly) healthy, I have tried better to stay in touch with people.  Scott and I both still have our jobs (something to really be thankful for this year).  So, before I just say everything I am thankful for, here is my Thanksgiving list.

Traveling.  Thanks to all of those who have housed us this year, and for those who took time out during thier travels to spend time with us.
Health, happiness, and home
Aruba- the countdown has begun.  36 days to go and I will be laying on a beach, drinking my mango margarita.
Nights at home on the couch.  Living such busy lives, its nice to turn the phones off (or at least on vibrate), cuddle on the couch, watch a movie and eat pizza rolls (popcorn is soooo overrated)
Kites- Scott and I bought kites in March and went to an empty field to fly them.  It was fun to act like a kid again and just feel like a bird in flight...(with your fist holding the string of your kite)
Scott- He completes me, enlightens me, and engages me everyday.  Without him, life wouldnt be nearly as fun!
Graduation- Whoohoo!  I am finally done with School (until I decide to go get my PhD.
Invites and being apart of some of my best friends most special days!  Em and Marc, Keri and Dan, Dobbs and Amy, your weddings were all wonderful.  Thank you for sharing your special day with me.  It means alot! 
Volunteering and volunteers.  I have had such a great time on the volunteer projects I have been a part of this year, and I know Scott truly appreciates all the volunteers he gets at the pantry weekly.  It's such an easy way to give back to your community and makes you feel part of something bigger.  Find something you are interested in, learn more about it, and find ways to volunteer that fit your personality.
Improvement- every year, life gets a little better, friends get a little closer and I learn more and more about who I am. 
Not having to run the marathon this year- is that bad to say....I love running it...I did not love training for it.
Great friends and family.  I have the best, both far and near.  I miss those of you who are far away, but know you will be in my thoughts on Thanksgiving day.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your families, and be thankful for the gifts you have been given!

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