Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas in Chicago...already...its not even Thanksgiving

Yesterday, Scott and I went downtown for the Mag Mile Lights Festival.  We haven't been downtown for "fun" in quite a while, esp. not on the Michigan (see, in my old age I've gotten a little claustraphobic, and get a bit freaked out when I am places with a LOT of people if I can't figure a way to get out.  We took the train down and walked a bit on some of the side streets (not on Michigan- we walked down Rush and State and just window shopped, looked around.  It was a beautiful day, about 50 degrees...that is, until the sun went down.  We really went down because I didnt get to see fireworks all year this year (Im a sucker for fireworks) and they were going to shoot them off at Michigan and the river at 6 (or so I thought).  turns out...they went off around 7. 
After the fireworks (we found a great spot on the riverwalk) we wanted to go grab a bite to eat and make a night out of it....

We first tried to go to "Rock Bottom", two hour wait...then to one of our favorites downtown (Quartino's), 2 hour wait, we went to no less than 4 places, all with a 1:45-2 hour wait, crazy, so we just got on the train and headed back home.  We went to a bar/grill next to our house that we haven't been to yet.  It was good....and we saved some $, but it just wasn't the same.  I guess while we were waiting for 2 hours for the fireworks, we should have made some reservations....who knew.


  1. We have Rock Bottom here. I super love it. Ebeth is sad about missing the window displays this year.

  2. I will take pics and send them to her (as part of her present.)