Friday, November 20, 2009

Project Runway Finale- Subtitled: I love me some Carol Hannah

Ok- I am an avid watcher of Project Runway. I think its amazing how talented some of these people are with little or no training, I aspire to be them. I have been known to sketch my own designs as I watch the show, pretending that I can be them. It is one of my life's goals to take a class and actually learn how to make patterns, I want to get a body double who I can get to try my clothes on for me. I would love to make my own wedding dress, if I ever need one, you get the picture.

Over the years, I have always had my favorites. This year, my favorite from the very beginning was Carol Hannah. She was sweet, southern, and made super cute dresses. I understand she did make a lot of dresses and perhaps that makes her not the most "well-rounded" fashion designer...but really world, really....PR Judges kicked her off stage FIRST! That's just silly.

Here are my reasons:

1. Nina Garcia basically came in and told EVERYONE not to make their outfits all in one what did Irena do...made them all in black.

2. Althea and Irena basically are the same designer. I don't think it's copying...I think it's just that they have the same taste. Fine for some, not for me. I want someone different.

3. I looked on Irena's website for her 2010 collection...there is NOTHING I would want to buy on there...NOTHING. When I looked at carol Hannah's, there are sooo many cute dresses (and by soo many I mean, 12) but you get the picture. She also has these cute wedding dresses ( and is really starting to make a name for herself.

I think that just goes to show you how sometimes the best man, er, girl, doesn't win. She is going to be just fine...and perhaps its better for me if she didn't win as her price tag may remain only "slightly" above my price range...

This weekend I plan to get out my sewing machine and "make it work" in my own way. We will see what I come up with.

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