Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We bought a house

My life long dream has been realized!  We bought our cute little 3 bedroom bungalow on the Northwest side of Chicago on June 22nd....and boy have we been busy since then!

The house we bought we got a GREAT deal on, however it needed some work....most of the work was cosmetic, and stuff we knew we could do ourselves.

Check out our progress so far.

The house from the outside.  See the lovely lace panels in the window.

 Oh- and the lovely green carpet...
 new window coverings- stained glass applique from home depot!
 peel and stick tile from home depot---- what a difference!

Living room- white walls, carpet

dining room- same carpet- the molding was there, and they gave me the idea of the different color above the molding

My brother came to town and refinished the floors- we did a couple coats of paint, and voila- a whole new room.

More pics to come!  We are planning on moving in on July 21st!  Just shy of our one month of homeownership!

Thanks for looking!