Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm not a runner....but I act like one

Maybe it's because it's spring, the weather is getting nicer outside, I want to be outside b/c it's finally nice and an easy way to do that is to go for a run.

Maybe it's because I have become uber involved in the American Cancer Society DetermiNation group, who are a bunch of HARD CORE runners....we are talking iron mans, several marathons, signed up for several races this year, and so on.

Maybe it's because I really like the way I feel when I'm done, I like the feel that I can now go eat pizza rolls and not feel bad about it, I like that I feel energized, that I sleep better, and the Scott says Im just plain in a better mood.

Anyway you slice it, I have been banking about 12-15 miles a week for the last several weeks.

I have signed up for 2 5K races (which happen to be on the same weekend, Sat/Sun races, thankfully so I can do both), and I am looking to sign up for Soldier Field 10, the North Shore 1/2 marathon, Rock and Roll Chicago Marathon and the Rock and Roll Denver 1/2 marathon....

Call me crazy! but then I remember, when I trained for the marathon, I ran like 7 1/2 marathons for weekend runs.

It's funny the things you forget how much you like when you don't do them...and then you start again and it's like finding an old friend.
So here's to my old friend, running. Thank you for always being there, even when I forget you!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adults- take some responsibility

In several Chicago area school districts, teacher's jobs are being cut. Not only are there job cuts, there are rising activity fees and eliminating activities/classes that are deemed "not required".
This is not just happening in Chicago, but around the country in a time where states are "tightening their belts" due not only the recession, but also years and years of reckless spending. Private Drivers, Private planes, and I know many people are frustrated at the amount of times they walk into government offices and no one seems to be doing anything, but no one can help you.
In Kansas City, news broke a few weeks ago that they are planning on closing almost half of the schools. Now, I don't know all the details, I don't know how full these schools were to begin with, but I do know that this will equate to large class size, which will enable teachers to focus on individuals, which will decrease the amount of attention they get on individual issues. We already are a country where education continues to lag behind those of similar socio-economic climates. When you look at school districts in lower-income communities, the success and graduation rates decrease dramatically. Some of these children are not even given a chance. Many times the way some of these children are able to attend college is through an athletic scholarship. By increasing the cost of athletic fees, you hinder the chance of these children playing sports, let alone getting scouted and being able to live larger dreams that they thought imaginable.
This is a mistake. Children should not be paying the price for adults irresponsible spending. Please write your senators, congressmen, school board members. Schools should be about teaching children to do better than we do. Schools should be teaching about responsibility, schools should be teaching about how to survive, how to think, how to learn. Schools should not be having to tell students that they can no longer play sports/be in choir/ play in the band/ showcase their talents in plays, etc.
I don't want to live in a world when schools become an afterthought.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have been living in Chicago since May of 2006. I have been "dating" Scott since June of, I never had to make any of my own friends. I met his, they were great, and life was easy. In the back of my mind I always if we break up, its going to suck, and I will have no one. That's a somewhat depressing thought for someone like me, who hasn't really ever been considered a "wallflower" or "loner". In the last year, one of my goals in life was to make my own friends. This is one of my goals that I would like to say, I have done rather well with.
I joined a bookclub (Thanks Micki) and met some great girls with whom I have not only a standing monthly date, but often at some other points in the month may see each other randomly.
I have become very active in the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team, heading up the runner recruitment team this year, and have met some wonderful people and really gotten to know some of them better (thanks to long nights, long days, and downtime). People like these make time go faster, make you enjoy being there, and make it an easy decision to extend your shift for a few hours with the promise of dinner. It's been great to start coming into my "own" again. I think it is so important in a relationship to have your own lives, and to continue to have your own lives. I know myself well enough to know that I can't handle being around someone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I always have been like this . In junior high/high school, I was the girl who changed "best friends" pretty much every year, (I often just needed a bit of a change in pace).
Anyways, to all my girlfriends out there, new/old/near/far, thank you for your friendship! It means so much to me to be let in on the "new news", to be considered a part of the circle, to learn more about you, and to know a good thing when it comes.

Remember to thank all of your girlfriends. There is nothing better!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Decision #1 made!

Well, we have made our first wedding decision. We have picked a venue. It is great!!! The Chicago Mart Plaza inside the Merchandise Mart.

For those of you who don't know much about Chicago, or aren't local, the Merchandise Mart is a LARGE (rumor has it, you could run a marathon inside the building) I do not plan on doing this the weekend of my wedding, nor will I require my guests to...I'm just that nice of a bride! Anyways, the Mart, to me, is almost like a designer's paradise. They have a lot of items wholesale (like Marble, slab, etc) and it's a beautiful building located on the south-east side of the loop. The hotel is on the south west side of the building and the lobby, and reception hall, is on the 15th floor. There is an amazing view of the city from the hall! We are so excited to make this decision and after looking at several venues, deciding this was the one for us. The wedding consultant there seems great, calm, collected and organized.

So...yeah! One decision down, only about 100 more to go! Now I've got to go sweat bullets as I write out this first check...YIKES!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blogging the Red Carpet

I've always wanted to host a Oscar party, but it's on Sunday, and it usually runs late. And people, I have a strict bedtime. If Im not in bed reading my twenty pages a night, then I am not a happy person in the morning...and morning rolls around early these days (around 5:45). So for the 28th year in a row, I am watching the Oscar's in the same fashion. Except Scott is making me a fabulous dinner (stir fry and crab ragoons....that's right...he is making them). This year, we have done a horrible job of seeing movies. In all reality in 2009 we saw very few movies. and none that are nominated for an award. We just get soo busy. We really wanted to see Invictus, Up, Up in the Air. I want to see Precious, but I was telling Scott I know that I will need to get in the right frame of mind. Have a box of tissues and a few hours after wards to take it all in.
In watching an interview with Monique, I got a bit distressed. I guess that there has been a lot of criticism that this movie plays African American's in a dark light, shows them as abusive, etc. I loved what she said, and totally agree. This movie is colorless. There is this type of abuse in households regardless of skin color. It happens, and its out there, and that is what should be the part of the movie that is repulsive and should strike people...but again, I haven't seen the movie. Once I have time to watch, I'm sure I'll have much more to say.
I have no desire to see Avatar. I know everyone says I should see it, even if I don't like sci-fi.

So, here is my recap of the Oscar's starting with the red carpet.

#1. Sandra Bullock- stunning! she looks absolutely amazing.
#2. Kathy Ireland- you should stick with modeling, b/c you are not a natural in front of the camera. She seems VERY nervous and stiff. her left arm is just sticking out there in a "pose" but it looks fake.
#3. SJP- love the dress, hate the hair. Matthew- I think you are so super sexy in your spots of gray and a little bit of chub:)
#4. Tina Fey- you look amazing and beautiful. I love when funny girls can look gorgeous.
#5. Oh Hanna Montana...I have nothing to say about you except stop sloching.

----I feel like I'm starting to be a bit like Joan Rivers...I need to stop being so cynical----

---ps- when do I get to go to the Oscar's...and wear something amazing--

#6- I L-O-V-E Kate Winslet. She is stunning, beautiful, wonderfully poised. (speaking with an accent doesn't hurt:))

-oh, no, Kathy Ireland is back....what a disaster---
#7. How classy is Meryl Streep. Timeless. Attractive. Pure Class.

Red Carpet is over....enjoy the 82nd annual Academy Awards.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My FAVORITE Weekend of the year!

There is one weekend, one city, that any "good" Creighton alum hears about and can't help but smile. Two words that mean: The Big Bang, Brewery, Embassy Suites (RIP), Morgan Street, forgetfulness....oh, and did i mention basketball? It is the one weekend where Omaha miraculously moves itself to St. Louis, where alumns come and have thier "Creighton reunion". Where you can run into past basketball players that were their "favorite basketball players (of all time)". It's ARCH MADNESS!!!! It's Missouri Valley Basketball Tourney Time ladies and gentlemen...and for the 2nd time in 10 years...I will not be going:(
Well, I guess last year at this time I wasn't going either...and then on Friday I bought my plane ticket for the next day only to get there and watch Creighton get beaten by Illinois State by like 20 about sucky!
Here are some of my favorite memories of St. Louis, the Arch, and the Madness.
10. Getting my picture taken with Kyle Korver Senior Year...yes, it's number 10...I know many of you are shocked....actually probably none of my "readers" are shocked...since you didn't really "know" me in college..
9. "Drunk Schmuck" singing Neal Diamond at the Big Bang...on stage...with the pianist
8. Walking into a bar in St. Louis and knowing 80% of the patrons in there...and everyone has been partaking in the St. Louis "business", so we are all friends.
7. Going on the Budwiser Brewery Tour, and again, knowing about 70% of the people on the tour with you...and then singing "white and the blue" in the tasting room
6. Standing in line 4 hours before the game senior year to get my front row seats....and then the a$$ security guards kicking everyone out b/c we were in the wrong seats....excuse me...this is my seat...this has been my seat for the whole season...just cuz we moved's still my seat.
5. Seeing what AWESOME signs Joe Johns can come up with ( I think my favorite is still "Things on Fire...1. The Butternut Building #2. The Jays)
4. Randomly getting into a cab (TWICE) with John "so hot, want to touch the" Heine.
3. Getting to drink Boulevard.
2. Sleeping a small villiage in an embassey suite hotel room...and then "tricking" them into providing all of them free drinks during the happy hour
1. Championship game senior year...Emily and I's dad's both came, and after winning, we all went back to the bar....Great times, great celebration, one Hellofa time in St. Louis!

For all of you going...Cheer Loud....Know that i will be cheering from my couch, or if I get crazy enough, maybe a bar.

"The white and the blue
Colors two it is you we defend
Fearless for you
all our might to the fight we will lend
so WAVE banners wave,
we will fight on for your GLORY
The White and the BLUE
we will fight til the fight is WON!"