Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silver Bells, Silver Bells...It's Christmas time in the Danz/Best House

Scott and I got into the Christmas spirit yesterday.  As previously written, we went to Macy's to take pictures of the holiday windows, and then shopped til we dropped.  (well, Scott shopped...he has been very  busy with school etc. and hasnt got shopping done.  I only have one more gift to buy (yes, Im's worth it).  So, Scott did a lot of shopping yesterday.  The stores weren't that bad but we also didnt get very far up Michigan....we ended up going to Bed Bath and Beyond....and after that we  had to get back on the train...we kinda bought the store...We had dinner reservations at a place called the Sai Cafe in Lincoln Park off Armitage, so we came home, dropped off bags from trip #1 and hopped back on the train to head to the Armitage Brown Line stop.  We did a bit more shopping, and a lot of window shopping and then it was getting cold.  So we stopped in a little Boston Bar for a pre-dinner drink.  We realized as we were in there that it was where we once watch the Boston College Hockey game with some friends, so good memories.

Anyways, we had a wonderful Susui dinner last night, and then came home.  I was all about wrapping all the presents....until I put on Love Actually and started cuddling on the couch...3,2,1 asleep.

So today, we wrapped (again, all my presents were already wrapped, have been for about a week)....but we got Scott's done).  So welcome to our winter wonderland.....

Our fake greenery hanging on the door...silly radiators almost make it impossible to have live's sad:(

Duel room shot

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....look at all our wrapped presents....we need to do a better job of changing up the wrapping paper!

Yes, we have on the TV and scott is working on his laptop...we are big users of energy.  you will see soon that I love nutcrackers....there are three in this on the table next to the lamp, and two on the movie shelf....they are my stocking holders...They are too small to see:(.  In case anyone is interested, on television is "The People Speak" on this history channel.  Check it out.

And here are SOME of the nutcrackers...yes, that's right SOME.  I have so many, and I no longer have a fireplace or I am using my bar....classy, right.  Also, please note the disporportionate amount of glasses and wine bottles....we have pretty much gone through all of the ones we got from housewarming...I guess we need to have another one of those.

And finally, my cute bell can also see more nutcrackers on the right wall.  See the box in the middle, inside that box, there are several little gifts that will be headed out west soon (read, whenever I make it to the post office:))

I hope you enjoy our Christmas decor. 

For my friend, Elisabeth

My little friend E-beth is a very sad girl.  You see, she has moved away from the city she loves (Chicago) and is not able to see the lights and most importantly, the window's of, uh....Macy's.

So, yesterday, Scott and I braved the crowds of downtown Chicago, to go get some pictures so E-beth can see the windows.

It appears this year, the windows are decorated looking at letters to Santa.  Unfortunatly, I didnt get all the little poems on the windows that described the scene, but I'll make up my own captions:)

It starts with children, far and near
Celebrating in Christmas Cheer
They all write letters to dear Santa Claus
Telling them how good this year, they was....
(good grammer, yes I know..)

Once the letters are written and addressed up north,
Children come to Macy's to send thier letters forth
Here in the window is a scene that we see
right on state street, free advertising, it be....

So from the mailbox, the mail is swept away
To a very special place, to get sorted to stay
Ohhh Santa can't wait to get all the letters
and to see what presents he delivers

Now the letters are placed on a tray
weighed and measured for the special day
who has been naughty, who has been good
Santa will know, it's well understood.

Look, you can read your own caption.... looks like I missed
getting a caption, for a window like this
It looks like a robot, is looking and reading
to ensure the kids have completed thier spelling

Now that the robot has cleared all the letters,      they are sent to the northpole (they excluded Brody Jenner's). 
Here we see Santa, enjoying the reading
He is dreaming of all the gift kis will be receiving
He has his list, checks it twice...
He knows who'se been naughty, he knows who'se been nice.

E-beth, Chicago misses you!  (we also miss the rest of your clan...Christmas won't be the same without you!!!!  Enjoy Colorado, and maybe next year!

Monday, December 7, 2009

1985- A Play by Chaz Vrba

1984, by George Orwell, a book that lives in infamy.
1985, by Chaz Vrba, a play that will live until December 19th at the Factory Theatre.  You need to see it now!!!!

Chicago sport teams....they certainly have thier ups....but mostly downs.  The cubs have thier curse of that damn goat, the sox have thier black tainted image from the early 1900's.  The bears cant find a quarterback to save thier lives.  Yet, they have thier fans...thier headstrong, never doubting fans.  It makes you wonder why?  What has a pull on all these Chicago fans.  Why dont they just defur north, to Green Bay or something. 

1985 gives us some insight.  What if Papa Bear is watching our every moves...listening to our inner most thoughts, and coming to get us if we question the greater "Beardom".

1985 is witty, historical, and makes you want to go back and read 1984 to see how many similarities there are.  It only runs for 2 more weekends so get your tickets now. 

The Factory Theatre is located at Elston and Addison.  $20 will get you in the door, and you can buy your alcohol in the theater for a steal as well!  Read a real review at :