Friday, January 13, 2012

not an early adaptor

"Early Adaptor", Im not sure if this is a new term, or if it has come about with the constant changes in technology that seem to be driving adoption.  I guess there were probably people who first bought telephones after Bell's discovery.  Were these the same people who bought TV's and then color TV's? 

I have come to realize that I am generally a little late on the 8 ball.  Here are some of my late comings:
1.  I bought a palm pilot in 2006...when everyone else had already moved to "do it all machines", a phone that will give you your email, calendar, etc.  so for a while, I had a palm and a blackberry....which makes for a very heavy purse.
2.  I have never had an iphone, I still have a blackberry, that according to our companies mobile central office is "ancient"
3.  I just got an e-reader.  As someone who reads around 40 books a year, this may seem rediculos.  I just like the way pages feel, so I held out for a long time.
4.  I have only owned 1 of my "own computers", not owned by my company that I need to give back.  My computer broke, I never got it fixed.
5.  I use a MAP, not a GPS, a good old fashioned map.
6.  I just learned how to play angry birds
7.  Most importantly, I never watched Arrested Development....WHAT was I missing..  This show is HALARIOUS, I wish I had watched it when it was live.  I wish I had watched it wth everyone else, so when I quote lines people don't look at me like i have 5 heads.

So, I am going to try and make a solid decision to be a little bit more "early adaptive".  Take advise from people, listen, learn and embrace change....

Anyone have any new technologies I should try?