Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blaming Cookie Monster

So, Scott and I were sitting on the couch today and he tells me that people are blaming cookie monster on childhood puppet (Muppet) is causing children to eat processed, greasy, food and not go outside and play on a regular basis. Interesting. It's just one on the long line of incorrect placement of blame that goes on today. First, McDonald's get sued...for serving hot coffee...then, I hear all this stuff about the Baby Einstein video's and how people are SHOCKED that sitting their kids in front of a television for hours on end, doesn't make them a genius, and now this. How about we try this from now on America.

Take some darn responsibility for your own actions. As a Manager, I am the first to own up when I make a mistake. I always provide a solution, and offer an apology. I tell me team to make mistakes, take a chance...its the way you learn. But when you cross the line, or when you make a bad decision, you have to own up to it. I am by no means perfect, but I'd like to think I am good at being responsible for my actions.

If we are going to start placing blame on Sesame Street for childhood obesity, perhaps we should blame the parents who allow hours upon hours of sitting in front of the television, or playing Wii as a part of exercise. Perhaps we should blame the hot pockets, frozen pizzas, or lack of vegetables and fruit in school cafeterias.

Or maybe, I will just start changing my tactics. When I send an email to the wrong person...Ill blame outlook. When a project implementation doesn't hit our execution date, I'll blame the clocks...spring forward made me lose an hour. When I'm late for work, Ill blame it on the bed for being so comfortable, or my alarm for somehow shutting off when I meant to hit snooze.

You gotta blame it on something....You gotta blame it on something....Blame it on the Rain, yeah, yeah!

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