Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If there is one thing that I dislike more than moving....well, I'm not sure what it is...but this time I am moving for a really GOOD reason!!! Scott and I are finally going to take the next (semi-logical) step in our relationship. The next real logical relationship would involve something sparkly, perhaps with sapphires flanking a squarely-cut, colorless, karot-ous type object in a size 8, but that's neither here nor there...nor am I allowed to bring it up anymore :( So instead, being 31 (Scott) and 28 (Mel) respectively, we are going to live in sin...I can't wait for several reasons:
1. I will always know where my stuff is.... no more, crap I really want to wear this dress but it's at my house and I don't have time to go there to get it
2. We are going to save so much money with all the groceries I buy that go to waste cuz I'm never at home
3. I will get to see Scott more than once a week on school weeks (he is in grad school 2 nights a week and one night a week has food pick up at his pantry)
4. I will never have to vacuum cat hair off my sofa's before sitting on them again.

It's going to be wonderful.

So, a couple of weeks ago we started looking for apartments....well, I actually started in about April, but nothing was out yet for a Sept. 1 move in date. So we really started looking about July 1. The first few places we saw....CRAP. It would be one thing if we were fresh out of college and hadn't acquired things yet...but I have an apartment FULL of stuff, as does Scott, so we are already planning on purging some things - read give to Jared- but to not have closets....seriously.

And then we found it. Its great. 2 huge bedrooms (this was a requirement for several reasons, but the one I like is so that when Scott drives me crazy I have somewhere to go- but also for visitors...come on by!), a solid living room, separate dining room, nice sized kitchen (we do cook a lot so that was important. We are really excited. So now for the moving.

Our August is CRAZY. We have something everyday of every weekend from now until the end of it, including the last weekend in August going to Pekin for my 10 year reunion. I am confident we can get packed and I am taking the whole first week in Sept off to move and go bridesmaid myself up at EMILY's WEDDING in the ATL. So I want to move in, and get everything unpacked and unloaded before leaving on Friday...lofty goal...but I am up for the challenge. I just learned there may be a way we can move in on the 31st which would be awesome. (Oh and Chicago people, don't worry...we are hiring movers...that was the best decision I ever made in my life and it is worth EVERY PENNY!.

In closing, lots of exciting things going on here. I probably wont be posting any canning recipes until after the move...but I am planning on doing some antiquing for a desk and a hutch, so look out for pictures of what I find!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Newest Great Idea

I am reading this wonderful book..."Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. I have read another book by her, "The Poisenwood Bible" so I already knew I liked her writing style, but this book is different. This book is a non-fiction work about Barbara and her family and their attempt to live for a year in Virginia off only local produce, what they grow and by what their neighbors grow. Now, I don't really consider myself to be "organic", but I do consider myself somewhat socially responsible. As I read this book, it really made me start to think. Now, living in a small apartment in Chicago, there isn't really a way I can have a cow for fresh milk and cheese, or chickens for fresh eggs (however I do have a couple friends who do have a few chickens...and they seem to be doing just fine- but they have a house and a...YARD...what a concept). Also, being "yard-less" it's not easy to grow lettuce, radishes, squash, etc. So...with all of these things against me, how can I do it? How can I eat local produce???

So, I am beginning to research. I already knew that Chicago has a PLETHORA of farmer's markets. There is pretty much one per day...the issue...during the week, they are during the day. I work during the day, so I have to wait until Saturday to get my fresh produce. Vegetables are really just starting to come into season (well, at least the vegetables that I know how to do something with...tomatoes, variety of melons, beans, etc.) so, I am going to turn over a new leaf..... are you ready for it???

I'm going to start canning...yes, that's right, like in a Mason Jar...My mom is looking for my grandmother's canning equipment right we as you read this...

So, this blog will outline the attemps I make at canning in the next few months.

Here are the things I look forward to doing this fall:
Jams and Jellies
Tomato Sauce
Dilly Beans

Im sure there will be more once I get into the swing of things. So check back in and see how this "city girl" is doing it...vintage style