Monday, November 30, 2009

Book Review- The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

He's at is again folks.  That crazy Robert Landon is getting himself in all sorts of high jinx, this time in our nation's capitol of Washington, DC.  My bookclub chose to read "the Lost Symbol" for a quick easy December read, and it was.  On Friday I went to buy the book (hoping for a black Friday discount....since the library never sent me my copy of the book).  On Saturday, I returned the book I purchased "Decoding the Lost Symbol" and picked up the correct book.  That means I had 509 pages to read before wednesday.  fear not....I had it read last night. 
You know the way those Dan Brown books work.  you just can't put them down.  So I spent most of Saturday night, sipping on some pomagranate 7-up (best thing there is in November/December, if you haven't tried it pick some up today), tuning out the replay of the streaming Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and reading my book.
Now, as I have said before, I am a very fast reader.  In all reality, in a book like the Lost Symbol, you dont' need to take notes.  Dan Brown's books are always well written, easy to get through without too much thought.  this was no exception.
It starts with our hero getting an urgent call to do a lecture from a dear friend, who is a Mason (of course, cuz there has to be some sort of secret society or it just wouldnt be interesting).  Of course, the invite is really just a silly pry to get him to DC to help the villian solve a mystery using symbolism...same old story, different location, different villian.
I realize this may sound like I didnt like the book.  Au Contraire, mon frere.  I really did enjoy it (hence reading 509 pages in less than 48 hours.).  The difference with this book was this....I figured it out.  about page 150, I knew the killer's secret.  I'm not sure it's because I have read too many of his books and know how it "works", but it was still pretty crazy.  Don't worry, I wont ruin it for you.

Interesting Dan Brown required faith based reference note: In this book, one of the main charactors is a scientist of a new breed, called Noetic Science. This is the study of conciousness, the mind and the power of it.  according to the Institue of Noetic Science website, the definition is "potentials and powers of consciousness—including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition".  Talking, of course, about how different ages of people have translated things differently.  I love the way Dan Brown talks about religion, about how the Bible and other religious texts have been translated over and over again and oftern times in thier translations, completely changing the meaning of key points.  One of the key challenges in this book is the concept of God making people in his image.  The question is, if he made us in his image, wouldn't that be powerful.  One of my favorite parts of the book discussed something I blogged about recently "Reading this may make you Angry" talking about the founding fathers and seperation of church and state. 

For a great, quick read, I would recommend Dan Brown's, "The Lost Symbol".  And, if you want, you can borrow my copy....I dont need any more books:)

Side Note: If any one can tell me where my spell check went on my Blog I would greatly appreciate it, as I do not know how to spell.
Thank you.

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