Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh How the Years Go By

This last weekend I went home for an unfortunate event. A good friend of mine from high school's father passed away. Mr. Jim Bob Johnny (as he was known by one very special friend....namely, me) was a wonderful, kind-hearted, loving, devoted family man. His family was very important to me growing up and I spend a good amount of time over there. (When they werent mad at me for sneaking thier daughter to farmington to secretly visit her boyfriend (who later became her husband and loving father of 3). As I stood in line at the visitation, I couldnt help be think of how crazy it was. First of all, I do not think me or my friends are old enough to lose our parents. Second, I genuinely missed the people that I got the chance to see. I havent seen my friend in several years. She somehow found a time machine and put her oldest son in it and he is going to be 10....Im sorry....WHAT???!!!! What do you mean, he is going to be 10. I havent gotten 10 years old, so how has he? I saw her husband, who was a very good friend of mine in high school. I was telling him that while on my quick journey home and I picked up my cedar chest for our new apartment to put some of our sheet/blankets/thing that go in a cedar chest. i took out all of my "notebooks", scrapbooks, high school newspapers with stories of my friends and I, high school football programs with hearts around, oh...a good 50% of the players...ie: things that would help the cedar chest burn and burn baby if there was ever a fire. I told Scott (my friends husband, not my Scott) that I should have brought the notebooks for a good, well needed smile and to take my friends mind off the very rough days she has in store. There were notes to "Jaqueline" from "Renee" because we thought using our names from French class would make it that much less likely to discover who we really were (in case the WORLD didnt know who we were in "love" with.).
But it certainly made me think....as we get older, why does it take something, like a funeral to bring us all back together. Now- granted- I am probably the worst person to keep in touch with. Thank God for Facebook---as I now somewhat know where people live, when they got married, and how many kids they have...but how is that not kind of like stalking?
We made plans to get together around christmas...I really hope it happens. I would love to see them, see how we have grown, blossemed and changed since high school. I would like to meet thier childern, have them meet (my) Scott, meet the husbands I haven't met yet. See if thier dreams from high school came true. I suppose this is why I should have gone to our high school reunion...but I couldnt make it. there are very few people i talk to on a somewhat regular basis (namely, Virginia) but for all others out there.... I would like to apologize for the ghost I have been for the past several years. I would really like to get together, see people, learn....

And- Mr. Jim Bob Johnny- you will be forever missed. A,S- I am here if you need anything! Love you all!