Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame

Two weeks ago, I got to go to the "most beautiful place my eyes have ever seen"....South Bend, IN...Notre Dame Football Game! I have been an ND fan since college, when I refused to be a Nebraska fan, due to their arrogance, fair-weatheredness, and the fact that you couldn't go ANYWHERE on a Saturday without the Husker game being on the radio...I mean, no place was safe...the Mall, Panara, Movie Theaters...it was CRAZY. So I decided to become a ND fan...they also had Brady Quinn as the QB at that time...yum yum...so it wasnt difficult to cheer.

Well...the problem is that I started dating this guy, Scott, who went to Boston College...he despises ND football and we have always fought during the ND/BC game. This year, Scott's awesome friends George and Ann, had an extra pair of tickets and two extra seats in the car for us to go...so we woke up early on Saturday, October 24th, and ventured to South Bend. IT WAS CRAZY!!!! We seriously got out of the car, walked 10 minutes and ran into our friend Billy...who we didn't even know was coming! We were meeting some other friends who had been in SB since Thursday who had an awesome tailgate...full of chili and sandwiches. I found the greatest tailgate drink at the store...margarita's in a box! so, the girls and I carried around the margarita boxes and had ourselves great time in the rain.

We also ran into a girlfriend of mine who was in a wedding with me (AKA- Best Maid of Honor Ever), who was also a BC alum. It was great to see soo many Chicago people in South Bend.

Luckily the rain cleared right before the game started, and though it was a nice crisp day, it was PERFECT for football. I will admit that a football game that is taped for NBC takes FOREVER!!!! but ND was victorious.

I cant wait to go back to look at the beautiful campus, see TD Jesus (we didnt get to see it:() , and watch ND kick some more a$$.

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