Thursday, March 4, 2010

My FAVORITE Weekend of the year!

There is one weekend, one city, that any "good" Creighton alum hears about and can't help but smile. Two words that mean: The Big Bang, Brewery, Embassy Suites (RIP), Morgan Street, forgetfulness....oh, and did i mention basketball? It is the one weekend where Omaha miraculously moves itself to St. Louis, where alumns come and have thier "Creighton reunion". Where you can run into past basketball players that were their "favorite basketball players (of all time)". It's ARCH MADNESS!!!! It's Missouri Valley Basketball Tourney Time ladies and gentlemen...and for the 2nd time in 10 years...I will not be going:(
Well, I guess last year at this time I wasn't going either...and then on Friday I bought my plane ticket for the next day only to get there and watch Creighton get beaten by Illinois State by like 20 about sucky!
Here are some of my favorite memories of St. Louis, the Arch, and the Madness.
10. Getting my picture taken with Kyle Korver Senior Year...yes, it's number 10...I know many of you are shocked....actually probably none of my "readers" are shocked...since you didn't really "know" me in college..
9. "Drunk Schmuck" singing Neal Diamond at the Big Bang...on stage...with the pianist
8. Walking into a bar in St. Louis and knowing 80% of the patrons in there...and everyone has been partaking in the St. Louis "business", so we are all friends.
7. Going on the Budwiser Brewery Tour, and again, knowing about 70% of the people on the tour with you...and then singing "white and the blue" in the tasting room
6. Standing in line 4 hours before the game senior year to get my front row seats....and then the a$$ security guards kicking everyone out b/c we were in the wrong seats....excuse me...this is my seat...this has been my seat for the whole season...just cuz we moved's still my seat.
5. Seeing what AWESOME signs Joe Johns can come up with ( I think my favorite is still "Things on Fire...1. The Butternut Building #2. The Jays)
4. Randomly getting into a cab (TWICE) with John "so hot, want to touch the" Heine.
3. Getting to drink Boulevard.
2. Sleeping a small villiage in an embassey suite hotel room...and then "tricking" them into providing all of them free drinks during the happy hour
1. Championship game senior year...Emily and I's dad's both came, and after winning, we all went back to the bar....Great times, great celebration, one Hellofa time in St. Louis!

For all of you going...Cheer Loud....Know that i will be cheering from my couch, or if I get crazy enough, maybe a bar.

"The white and the blue
Colors two it is you we defend
Fearless for you
all our might to the fight we will lend
so WAVE banners wave,
we will fight on for your GLORY
The White and the BLUE
we will fight til the fight is WON!"


  1. Omg, I am having flashbacks about being schooled on Kyle Korver while staring at my new baby. :)

  2. Seriously, worst fight song ever. Can't we just sing Hail to the Victors?