Sunday, February 28, 2010

'Tis the end

I spent my Sunday trying to keep the Olympic spirit alive. I started the day watching the best Olympic movie ever...."The Cutting Edge", duh - for all of you out there thinking Miracle or some other boy sports movie:)

Then I joined, from what I could gather from facebook status', all of my friends nationwide to watch the USA/Canada gold hockey game. As I watched, in disbelief, Syd- the kid- Crosby, hit in the winning goal, I couldn't help but let out a little cheer. Crosby plays in the US. We hear about him all the time. I cheered for him in the Stanley Cup last year. How can I cheer against him now?

That got me further thinking, of course. In the business world, we often hear about the flattening of the world. With social networking no longer needing to take place in bars, or conferences, everyone can get to know everyone else. How does this effect the Olympics? I was in speech, and show choir, in high school. And you would after awhile, get to know your competitors from other schools. You would play cards during off-rounds, spend weeks together at camp, etc. It became a friendly competition. Now, multiply that by 500. That can only be how these olympians feel. On the hockey team, many of these players are playing against teammates, friends, collegeus. In the figure skating world, many of them train in the US or Canada, coming from Turkey, South Korea, etc.

Watching the female skiing, where every other person was taking a tumble, the camera's would often pan to other competitors faces and you would see true concern. No one wants to see their competitors get hurt. These people are athletes. They want to compete, and if everyone is hurt, that is a sucky competition. I'm sure these women are all facebook friends with each other;)

Well, another olympics are over...what sucks is from winter to spring you really have to wait 2.5 years. So....I guess I will have to find something to do until Summer 2012.

Thank you athletes for giving me a lot of time to sit on the couch and be amazed by your athleticism, lack of fear, and cheer you on!

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