Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have been living in Chicago since May of 2006. I have been "dating" Scott since June of, I never had to make any of my own friends. I met his, they were great, and life was easy. In the back of my mind I always if we break up, its going to suck, and I will have no one. That's a somewhat depressing thought for someone like me, who hasn't really ever been considered a "wallflower" or "loner". In the last year, one of my goals in life was to make my own friends. This is one of my goals that I would like to say, I have done rather well with.
I joined a bookclub (Thanks Micki) and met some great girls with whom I have not only a standing monthly date, but often at some other points in the month may see each other randomly.
I have become very active in the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team, heading up the runner recruitment team this year, and have met some wonderful people and really gotten to know some of them better (thanks to long nights, long days, and downtime). People like these make time go faster, make you enjoy being there, and make it an easy decision to extend your shift for a few hours with the promise of dinner. It's been great to start coming into my "own" again. I think it is so important in a relationship to have your own lives, and to continue to have your own lives. I know myself well enough to know that I can't handle being around someone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I always have been like this . In junior high/high school, I was the girl who changed "best friends" pretty much every year, (I often just needed a bit of a change in pace).
Anyways, to all my girlfriends out there, new/old/near/far, thank you for your friendship! It means so much to me to be let in on the "new news", to be considered a part of the circle, to learn more about you, and to know a good thing when it comes.

Remember to thank all of your girlfriends. There is nothing better!

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