Sunday, March 14, 2010

Decision #1 made!

Well, we have made our first wedding decision. We have picked a venue. It is great!!! The Chicago Mart Plaza inside the Merchandise Mart.

For those of you who don't know much about Chicago, or aren't local, the Merchandise Mart is a LARGE (rumor has it, you could run a marathon inside the building) I do not plan on doing this the weekend of my wedding, nor will I require my guests to...I'm just that nice of a bride! Anyways, the Mart, to me, is almost like a designer's paradise. They have a lot of items wholesale (like Marble, slab, etc) and it's a beautiful building located on the south-east side of the loop. The hotel is on the south west side of the building and the lobby, and reception hall, is on the 15th floor. There is an amazing view of the city from the hall! We are so excited to make this decision and after looking at several venues, deciding this was the one for us. The wedding consultant there seems great, calm, collected and organized.

So...yeah! One decision down, only about 100 more to go! Now I've got to go sweat bullets as I write out this first check...YIKES!


  1. Yippie! Congrats to you :) Once you get a block of rooms reserved be sure to let us know!

  2. Hooray! I shall google it pronto!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. As one of the people who directed you toward the venue I am very excited to be able to celebrate with you there. However as a human compass, the location (south east side of the loop) I must tell you is the exact opposite of where it is located. It is on the north west corner of the loop. Good thing there is not a geography test in order to get your marriage license.
    Congrats on locking down the venue!
    (PS its also technically in the Apparel Center not the Merchandise Mart)