Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blogging the Red Carpet

I've always wanted to host a Oscar party, but it's on Sunday, and it usually runs late. And people, I have a strict bedtime. If Im not in bed reading my twenty pages a night, then I am not a happy person in the morning...and morning rolls around early these days (around 5:45). So for the 28th year in a row, I am watching the Oscar's in the same fashion. Except Scott is making me a fabulous dinner (stir fry and crab ragoons....that's right...he is making them). This year, we have done a horrible job of seeing movies. In all reality in 2009 we saw very few movies. and none that are nominated for an award. We just get soo busy. We really wanted to see Invictus, Up, Up in the Air. I want to see Precious, but I was telling Scott I know that I will need to get in the right frame of mind. Have a box of tissues and a few hours after wards to take it all in.
In watching an interview with Monique, I got a bit distressed. I guess that there has been a lot of criticism that this movie plays African American's in a dark light, shows them as abusive, etc. I loved what she said, and totally agree. This movie is colorless. There is this type of abuse in households regardless of skin color. It happens, and its out there, and that is what should be the part of the movie that is repulsive and should strike people...but again, I haven't seen the movie. Once I have time to watch, I'm sure I'll have much more to say.
I have no desire to see Avatar. I know everyone says I should see it, even if I don't like sci-fi.

So, here is my recap of the Oscar's starting with the red carpet.

#1. Sandra Bullock- stunning! she looks absolutely amazing.
#2. Kathy Ireland- you should stick with modeling, b/c you are not a natural in front of the camera. She seems VERY nervous and stiff. her left arm is just sticking out there in a "pose" but it looks fake.
#3. SJP- love the dress, hate the hair. Matthew- I think you are so super sexy in your spots of gray and a little bit of chub:)
#4. Tina Fey- you look amazing and beautiful. I love when funny girls can look gorgeous.
#5. Oh Hanna Montana...I have nothing to say about you except stop sloching.

----I feel like I'm starting to be a bit like Joan Rivers...I need to stop being so cynical----

---ps- when do I get to go to the Oscar's...and wear something amazing--

#6- I L-O-V-E Kate Winslet. She is stunning, beautiful, wonderfully poised. (speaking with an accent doesn't hurt:))

-oh, no, Kathy Ireland is back....what a disaster---
#7. How classy is Meryl Streep. Timeless. Attractive. Pure Class.

Red Carpet is over....enjoy the 82nd annual Academy Awards.

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