Tuesday, February 9, 2010

KIDS, I don't know what wrong with these kids today....

Actually, I kinda do. I think it's mostly the parents. My co-worker was talking about valentines day at her daughters school. MAN...it sucks to be a kid these days. You cant get any chocolate, or hearts, or anything b/c all the sudden in the last several years everyone is alergic to something. I would really like someone to do a study that tells me what SHIT we have put in some water source, or whatever is causing all of these deadly allergies, cuz if you asked me they seem to have come out of NO WHERE.

Anyways, they also cant bring in valentines...well, they CAN bring in valentines as long as they
a) have no gender diffarentiator
b)contain no candy
c) are not addressed
d) are exactly the same amount of valentines as there are kids

I get it, I do. Some smelly kid who eats glue didn't get any valentines one year and went and complained to his mommy who went and complained to the principal, who in turn created some rules so everyone was treated fairly.

This is also the same kid who is as coordinated as a bag of fruit, who can't figure out who to swing a bat, and complained because he never got any playing time...DUDE, figure it out. Your not an athlete....how about instead of complaining about what you are NOT good at, you figure out what you ARE good at and make yourself better.

Here is the thing. We are setting future generations up to be WUSSES!!! I see it at work all the time. Parent's who call me because I didn't hire their child (dude, its not hard to get a job here...you have to pass a basic math and drug test...your kid didn't pass one of those, and Im pretty sure he can count to 5....). Parents emailing/calling college professers to ask why thier kid didn't pass the class....(umm...he showed up twice, and didn't bother to spell check....oh...and he has his mom fighting his battles.)

If we never learn to lose, how do we learn to pick ourselves back up, hold our heads high and try again. What ever happened to the saying "if at first you don't succeed try and try again". Now it seems it's "if at first we don't succeed, figure out who we can blame, cuz it's certainly not my kids fault."

Kids need to be taught that everyone isn't always going to like them. People are mean. wait til they get to be teenagers. You get over it, you grow up and you learn to pick yourself up again.


  1. Amen. It is super depressing. And sooo unrealistic.

  2. It's nice to know someone shares my opinion (although it usually irritates me when non-parents judge parents). I am definitely a bad guy as far as parents go, always bursting my kid's bubble when his head gets too big.

    However, to give credit where it's due, I have to burst it b/c his teachers praise any half-assed piece of work he turns in, even though they know he can do better.

    Joey (4th grade) got his report card at his new school. The grading scale: A, P, B, BB. P is average, B is marginal, and BB is failing. WTF? Joey thought a "B" was good. Boy did I pop that bubble!