Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aruba Part One- Arrival, Day One and Two

As most of you know, last year, Scott surprized me with a trip to ARUBA.  We parted on January 6th, bright and early.  We left the apartment to get to the airport in plenty of time for all the enhanced security (thanks alot mr. failed christmas day bomber).  Our flight was at 5:30 to miami.  We were to arrive in Miami at 9:00 and then we were to leave for Aruba at 11:30.

We board the plane....everything is great, it is not full so I got a whole row of three chairs all to myself (yeah for sleeping).  and I promptly fell asleep as the plane wasnt moving.  I was rudely awaken by Scott tapping my head about an hour later asking what time it was....we had not left yet...and it appeared the engine was "frozen" so the maintenance guys were coming BACK with thier tools....evidently it is silly to just bring your tools with you.  Well Scott is freaking out, cuz if we are any later we are NOT going to make our connection (and we wanted to get to Aruba.)  Well we finally left (and I slept until again...another tap on my head...Scott wanted us to move forward in the cabinso we could get off the plane early.  WE moved forward and were talking to lots of other people who were also dangeriously close to missing thier flights.  we landed at 11:05 and ran through the Miami airport...only to find out our plane was now delayed until 12:45.  Well, the reason the plane was delayed was becuase they were getting us a different plane that required everyone to be resat.....awesome.  The only good thing to come of this was the Miami airport has Presidente (a Dominican Beer I am VERY fond of).

WE get to Aruba, get to our hotel, and are finally happy.
We enjoyed our first happy hour beverage

Passion Fruit Daquari and Polar (Venezualian Ale)

The sun was setting on our first day, we were hungry (I had breadsticks from Pizza Hut, Scott had nothing) and we had been up since 2:30 our time.  We walked around the area by our hotel (Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa) and found a cute little resteurant called Elliot's (it was Italian and FABULOUS!) I was falling asleep on my dinner, so i called it a night (Scott went down to the bar and had some more Polar's).

End of Day One

Day Two (Thursday January 7th)
We woke up and enjoyed a breakfast at the resort.  We did not get all inclusive, though it was an option, because we knew we would want to try other areas.

We had 11am massages, which were amazing,  There is nothing like a thatch building massage when you are ON THE fake "wave sounds" here.  The spa was great.  I could have had a massage every day, but alas...we had other things to do.

We spend most of this day on the beach, lathering up and not getting sunburned....This is amazing for Scott and I, as we are both PALE.

Here I am getting all set up for the day.  Don't you love my sun hat.  It kept me from getting burnt and getting wrinkles...Im getting married folks...can't have wrinkles!

Can you find the iguana?

And this begins the 360 view from our hotel room.

I have a rough life...I know.

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