Thursday, January 21, 2010

ARuba Part 2

Well its, been a long time coming.  It's been a crazy couple weeks.  Once we got back from Aruba on Sunday, I found out (pretty much upon arrival at my house) that I was going to Jacksonville on Wednesday for work.  So, I was home for two days, then off to Jacksonville until Friday. (the 15th).  That was Scott's birthday, so I had told him that he could have people over to play poker...and I wanted to give him his day...and I was exahsted!!!!!  So, I went into the guest room (have I mentioned how much I love having a guest room) and caught up on Gray's, Private Practice, and Hotel Babalon....SEASON 3!!!!  WHOHOOOOO!!!!  Who knew there was a Season 3.  Take that Brittish guys who said my show is rubbish. 

Anyways, Saturday (the 16th) was a crazy day as well...filled with Brithday lunches, Creighton basketball and surprise birthday drinks....and Sunday I went to a bridal expo...thats a whole other blog.  And that is my blog about why I havent added a second blog about Aruba.

So, Let's go back, shall we, to January 8th.  I woke up from a great nights sleep (it's sooo nice to sleep when its's never chilli in our apartment, and I love being a little cold....or at least not hot.

Friday we got up and ate breakfast again and then went to the beach.  We had until around 2:30 and then we needed to head to the "high rise district" for our Pirate Cruise.  We went to the hotel lunch place at 1:30 for lunch and ordered (I had a burger, Scott had a fish sandwich), we also had a margarita....

Then it was food food food

Now, I can live on island time like anyone...and Scott pretty much lives on island time all the time...but seriously....waiting 45 minutes for we flagged down our waitress and told her we needed our lunches to go, and the check....NOW. 

But here is the good part

Our pirate ship!!!!! 

Me snorkling in 60 feet of water...I was VERY proud of I was a bit afraid of sharks.

Scott on the rope swing!

It was a bit windy on the boat....but here we are....

We met some friends on the boat (Marcia and Adrian) and we went for drinks on the pier to see the sunset....How beautiful is this.

Saturday, January 9th
Saturday was our last day...and we had nothing planned...on purpose.

We went to the hotel next door to have breakfast.  They had the coolest chairs ever.

We just laid around, read our books, soaked up the sun and RODE THE WAVES!!!!

I love the water.  I love playing in it, how great my skin feels in ocean water, how thick my hair gets when it's full of salt, the way sand sticks to all your creavises for days and days, so you are always taking a part of the beach back with you.

I LOVE the beach, I love the get the picture.

So, one of my favorite parts of the ocean, is the waves.  I love catching the wave at just the right time so you can ride it in almost all the way to the shore.  I (secreatly) love it more when you dont catch it quite right, and you hold on for dear life to your nose and your swimsuit,,,,as the wave crashes above your head and takes you for a ride!

We found out earlier in the week that Aruban's Carnival was Saturday night.  so we had planned on going to downtown to watch it.  But by the time we got around to going, we were too late, so we went back to the high rise district.  We walked buy our souveners, and then ate at this cool place called "Mr. Jazz".  It was a steakhouse...and they had plantains...that was really all that mattered.. oh, and the live band

And that, my friends, is Aruba....
I hightly recommend it!  Beatuful island, wonderful people.

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  1. That water is so blue. It's quite inviting. So glad you two had a good time. Sorry reality bit you in the butt as soon as you got back. :(