Saturday, January 2, 2010

wax on, wax off

So, T- 4 days until Aruba...and I had some "cleaning" to do, so I made an appointment at my favorite salon "Spacio" for 9am this morning....whew,  what a wake up call.

#1- It's FREEZING outside.  I'm talking - windchill, 5 degrees regular....too cold for this old girl. 
#2- well, the whole, procedure itself was a bit awakening! I've had it done several times before, but it's been a while...and well, it's my razers tend to take a backseat until someone actually sees my legs, etc.

So,'s a great all service spa and salon.  One day I will go in there for one of their variety of other treatments.  It's a gorgeous building and everyone I have ever encountered there has been fabulous.  You go in and sit in the "women's lounge" where they have my favorite infused water and granola bars.  Nice relaxing music so you forget why you are there and just start to enjoy it.  My girl  then arrived and took me back to my room.  I love when you go to salons and the rooms are warm.  We had massages in California at our B&B and the room was cold.  You cant relax when the room is cold, and I never got warmed up.  This room temperature was perfect, and Margaret, (my girl) was perfectly chatty.  When someone is spreading hot wax around your hoohaa, i personally want them to talk to me, so my attention is at answering questions, talking about my trip, my newly found sparkly thing on my finger, etc. 

The first rip is the worst...that's what I always think...and then they get the more sensitive areas...whoohoo!  But there is nothing like walking out fresh and cleaning and knowing you are now bathing suit ready.  I don't have to worry about shaving that lovely area while in Aruba.

So thank you Margaret for my new look!

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