Monday, November 22, 2010

Bend it like Bikram

Bikram Yoga is a set standard 26 poses of yoga done in a room heated at 105 degrees.  In other words...Hot Yoga.
Last week I stumbled upon a groupon for 20 sessions for $40 (it's quite a session at the yoga place I go to is $18)...of course they get you in for cheap and then you fall in love and it's hard to leave:(

Anyways, since it is such a unique experience, I thought I would share my reactions and thoughts and I go through these 20 sessions.

Session 1: Saturday November 20th 9:45 am- 11:15am

I arrived at the yoga studio (Bikram Yoga Andersonville )approx. 20 minutes before class.  In gearing up for the class they tell you not to eat or drink anything 2 hours before class - you want to make sure your food is completely digested.  I did a GREAT job Friday night of drinking water.  i had soooo much water--- but then I followed that with a ginormous bowl of popcorn...perhaps not the greatest idea.
Anyways, I got a good night sleep Friday and woke up excited (and a bit nervous) Saturday morning.  Scott dropped me off as he had to do some work. 
As I entered the studio, the two ladies at the entry way were extreamly welcoming.  I filled out some basic forms and they told me the goal of the first class is to stay in the room.  they reminded me it is about 105 degrees in there.  If I felt natious, I was to sit on my mat and take a sip of water.  No need to fear...i would get there.
I went to the locker room to take off my outer layer (they recommend wearing shorts and a sports bra) and grabbed my yoga mat and my towel and headed in to the warm oven of the studio. 
WWHHHHAAAAMMMMMM---- it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Not the heat but the SMELL.  A friend of mine compared it to a bunch of hippies...I dont know how to describe it...but it was strong.

After a few minutes in there of some deep breathing exercizes, the smell waifed away and I was able to concentrate on my practice of yoga.

There are 26 poses of yoga, each done twice (once right after the other).  Two of the poses are breathing exercizes.  Helping to clean the body of toxins. 

Day one I did have to sit down for the second set of several of the standing stretches...but was able to complete the ones on the ground....or at least attempt them.  I consider that a success.

I have never been so releaved to walk out the door and get into cold air in my life...only to realize it wasnt that cold :(

now, I know its not polite to stare....but some of these people in this class are freaking amazing.  I am not sure my body will ever bend that way...I doubt I will ever be able to even lock my standing leg on many of the one legged poses (Im not very good at balance).  But even yesterday (my second day) I was able to complete more poses, push myself further and actual complete the camel pose....

I plan on going on Wednesday (as the office closes at 3) prior to the Thanksgiving extravaganza....

Ill keep you updated on my love/hate relationship with Bikram.

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  1. Interesting. I've never heard of this. It sounds...sweaty.