Thursday, September 9, 2010

So much to do...So little time

Ok- so me, being the project manager I am, had a bit of a freak out moment today.  (warning- this post is going to make me sound like a warned.)

On Monday, Scott took me out for movie and dinner (ps- Inception----awesome!), after all, we are now at the 1 year mark to our wedding....I remember a time not so long ago, where we had a million months before our wedding...not so anymore.  I told him, I needed to get a calendar so I could start to outline my plan to get everything done.

In true project management fashion, I started at the end and headed to the beginning.  This was a BAD idea.  There is sooo much stuff that has to get done like the month before the wedding.  Seating chart finalized, final headcount to caterer, programs designed and printed, favors (if applicable) purchased and ready, placecards designed and completed (since we are having a sit down and offering choices, we have to let the wait staff know who is ordering what).  Not to mention, we will both be working full time and trying not to sweat to death in our apartment.  August freaked me out so much that I didnt get very far with the rest of the stuff.  Who knew there was so much incorporated with a wedding (yes- I suppose everyone else who has already been married)...but geesh! 

I am excited.  This is when it all starts to get fun.  and I truly believe by having a plan in place, we can always work ahead if we are in a place to do so.  For example, I have us preparing all of our invites in May, even though we wont send them out until June.  This way if we get behind, we will not be a risk for missing the mailing deadline.  (wow- I am such a dork).

And for the most part, I am only scheduling stuff for us on the Weekends.  This just means that I have to stop planning all of our weekends 3 weeks in advance (that is Scott's suggestion).

I welcome any suggestions of any other great wedding planning tips (esp. for folks doing alot of the "stationary stuff" (programs, invites, etc) ourselves.

Please and Thank You!

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  1. I emailed you. I wrote waaay too much for a mere comment. :)