Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bridezilla....I hope not!

So, I have a new horrible past time that I do when Scott isn't home (when he is home...he keeps my bad tv watching habits in line). I have been watching alot of "Bridezillas" on WE. I find these people RE-DICK-U-LOUS!. I keep asking Scott if he thinks I will be a Bridezilla...he says no. And I am begining to understand why.
1. These women are NOT organized....they drive me crazy by not having things done on time, not creating a plan, not remembering to SEND OUT INVITATIONS, etc.
2. They are inconsiderate. I'm sorry (I'm not really sorry), but be on time...for appointments, for your dress rehersal, and FOR GOD's SAKE...FOR YOUR WEDDING....Now, I was a wedding coordinator for 3 years in college, so I understand that there is usually a little lateness (generally because people---ie guests---are still coming in and getting seated when the wedding is supposed to start), but being an hour late. This is incredibly rude to your guests who have come to share your day with you, who have spent money on transportation, perhaps travel expenses, hotels, gifts, etc.
3. Self Centered. Wow....your bridesmaids are doing you a HUGE favor by standing up at your wedding. They crack me up when they have their bridesmaids do a run way show and then criticize their wardrobe....PS- you probably picked out the dress...its probably not going to flatter everyone...they had to buy a dress that they will probably not ever wear again...

If there is anything I have "learned" from this obsession is that I have been BLESSED for the "27 dresses" I have dawned for weddings. I have been priveledged to be standing up for some very CLASSY brides, Thankful brides, and organized brides!
I promise my bridesmaids that I will be respectful, organized and will love whatever you are wearing. I promise my future husband that I will not yell at him...but he already knows that he will be part of the planning process. Not because I am a bridezilla...but because I want him to be a big part of our day and I dont want it to just be my ideas.

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  1. Mel-
    I didn't think I was going to be a Bridezilla either. And really through out the planning and ceremony I think I stayed pretty down to earth. But about a week before the wedding mom and I were driving in Colorado (where the ceremony was being held). We got to talking about the wedding and eventually came around to talking about the cake. She mentioned that when she ordered it they had asked her what flavors she wanted in the fillings. She didn't know what I wanted and so just picked out three different flavors- lemon, raspberry, and mocha. When she told me this my heart did a little flutter and I said mom I just wanted buttercream. So we called and got it straighten out. One crisis diverted, or so we thought.

    So we are at the reception and Nick and I go do the cake cutting thing and when I pull the knife out it is covered in red filling. At this point I am so mad. I go and tell my mom that the cake is wrong and I won't eat it.

    I hope you have no stories like that. I always feel bad about it when I am remembering the wedding. I laugh about it now, but I know that I made my mom feel about an inch tall when I had my bridezilla moment. :)