Friday, August 20, 2010

Watch Out Season 16 of Project Runway- here I come

Yes...they are only on season 8...I know...that means I have 7 more seasons to get my sew on.

Once upon a time, I had my first trial at sewing. I made my old college roommate Jessica and myself Halloween costumes. We went as Velma Kelly and Roxy Hart from "Chicago". I was Velma, she was Roxy. The dresses...ummm...were snug. We had to add lots of fringe to the bottom of Jess's dress so she didn’t have a Brittany Spears moment. But they stayed together for the most part and we had a good time wearing them.

I am also about 40% through making my t-shirt quilt from college. It’s going to be awesome..all the shirts are cut and have been cut since right before I left to go on the road...that right, since 2004. So, now that it’s 2010, its time to get back on track.

Now, I would not call myself anywhere close to "fashionable" as a matter of fact, most days i secretly hope to be walking down the street and hope the "what not to wear" folks will find me and give me a lesson on fashion. I know what looks good on other people, I just can’t seem to find something that looks good on me. I’m very square in body type and more recently have become a little more "round" than I would like to be (that’s a different story for a different blog), needless to say...I will not make it in the fashion design world. But, I like to sew...I like the rules that surround it. You have to follow order, guidelines, patterns. At least I do now, until I get the real hang of it.

So about a month ago, Scott brought me a "sewing table", I bought myself a "sewing chair". I have my mom's sewing machine, now it’s just a matter of sewing.

On Wednesday I went to Joann fabrics, much to my dismay. I live in Chicago for peter rabbits sake. There are tons of AMAZING fabric stores, but they all seem to close at 6pm and i just can’t make it back to the city by then....they also don’t seem to have any patterns. I’m not quite a "make my own pattern and then sew from it" expertise yet. I'd be the person on project runway that would make all the other contestants go..."she can’t even thread a needle, what is she doing here". So, I ventured to Joann's. This is probably a pretty good choice for a first timer like me. lots of patterns, they were very helpful and frankly, they had a pretty good fabric selection.

I chose two pattern packets.

One has a wrap dress and I found really pretty fall fabric to make my dress (and its stretchy...I figured stretchy would be good for a first trial so that if it’s a bit snug it will stretch.) and then I will make two skirts.

I started the warp dress as soon as I got home on Wednesday. I've got the pattern cut out, its been pinned on my fabric and I have cut most the pieces out. Words of caution...stretchy fabric is NOT easy to cut....sometimes you stretch it when you cut and then you have some uneven sides. Also, does anyone know when it says on the pattern "leave 1/4" for seam" if that means you are supposed to add a 1/4" to the pattern, or they have already built that in for you. This "simplicity stuff" is not very simple if you don’t know the sewing terms. Hopefully this weekend i can get the pattern traced on the fabric....still not entirely sure how to do this and start the fun part...sewing!
I will keep you updated on my progress...but until then, here are a few pictures...consider it my "next time on project runway" segment.

My Sewing Nook

Hoping for finished product..looks easy enough, right?

Pattern cut out- check
Pinned on fabric- check
Cut out of fabric- half check

A closer look at the fabric for the wrap dress.  I love it and think it will be very cute for fall.
The two fabrics I bought for my two skirts...we will see how these work.  Im debating between getting lining for the gold one, or just wearing my slip...thoughts?

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  1. 1. You know I live that gold fabric more than I can express.
    2. I think the fabric for the wrap dress is to die for and will look lovely on you!!!!
    3. I am stalking you now. I'm super interested in learning to sew but have neither a table nor a chair nor a sewing machine. I want to make dresses for the girls!