Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My birthday month- Reflecting on my goals for my 28th year

So, every year I create a list of things I want to do that year in life. Usually it's something silly (like graduate college, when it's going to happen in like 3 weeks), or bong a beer...

My 28th birthday was a "scary" one for me. I know most people are scared of their 30th or 40th, not me...I was scared of 28. I think it was because so much was "supposed to be done" in my head by 28. I thought I would be married, I thought I would have started on children, I thought I would be living...well I don't know where I thought I would be living...but you get the gist.

So, I made a list of 10 things I wanted to accomplish. I am going to share my progress with you all, my readers, and for my 29th year, I am going to be more diligent in sharing my progress as to keep myself on track.

Goals for my 28th year:
1. Saving Money- well, this is a very generic goals and it does not really qualify since it is in no way SMART. I did do better at saving money. I did a MUCH better job, especially in the last few months of not using credit cards and getting them paid down. Will need to make this more specific and attainable for my 29th year. Making progress
2. Continuing to Volunteer- I am the ACS volunteer queen, maybe not queen, but I have certainly done a great job on this goal. I am now a committee chair for the ACS Determination team. Success!
3. Find a non-profit board to sit on- Failure. Not for lack of trying. What I did find was that a lot of boards who would have the likes of me (not willing to commit high dollar amounts to be a board member) were very unorganized and it was very hard to get on their calendars. Perhaps Ill try this again next year, but for now, this is a FAILURE!
4. Move in with Scott- Success. And we still love each other! ALOT!
5. Stay better in touch with friends and family- again not very SMART, but I will try harder next year. I will keep this on here for 29....I would say, making progress again.
6. Be a better leader, both to those in the workplace and those around me- I have made some progress here. I think getting out of a some-what toxic environment has helped. I would like to continue to show progress in this area. I think I have learned alot about leadership in the last 6 months and working with leaders and true mentors it is helping me determine the kind of leader I want to be. Making progress.
7. Go to my high school reunion- FAILURE. However, in my defense, it was a bad weekend (the weekend before we were moving in together and going to ATL for a wedding).
8. Write my novel- FAILURE. But I have started this blog, which keeps my writing skills up to date.
9. Better understand my strengths and how I can improve upon them: I have realized that I am much better at some things that I thought I was (organization). I always knew I was a good communicator, and am continuing to improve. I am trying to learn something new everyday. Maybe I need to read the Gallup Book....can I borrow that Grant? Making Progress
10. Read more books from the library: SUCCESS!!!! I have 5 books out now, I have not purchased a book all year! yeah for me!!!!

So overall:
Success: 3
Making Progress: 4
Failure: 3

I have one other "secret goal" that most people know about, but I will not write it on public space. I am probably 70% to completing. It won't be complete by my birthday, but I am getting close and continuing to make progress.

I think 29 is going to be a GREAT year! Stay tuned for my new goals and see how I track my progress to meet them.

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  1. Kicking ass and taking names Mel! Happy almost bday!