Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goals for my 29th year

As I stated in my last blog, every year on my birthday I create a list of goals. As the year passes, I take a look at my goals and see how I am doing. In my 28th yeat, I succeed in completing only about 30% of my goals:( Hopefully this year will be better. I have also decided to make my goals more "SMART"- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. I am also hoping to blog on my progress and am giving you, my loyal readers, the task of ensuring I am completing them.

So, without further adeu...
10. Workout at least three times a week. I am stating that my workout week is Sunday-Saturday. A workout constitues at least thirty minutes of sweaty activity (ie- walking does not count).
9. Continue working on my leadership skills- read at least 2 leadership books and identify where I can continue to improve upon. This is harder to make SMART.
8. Work on communication skills- see above.
7. Continue volunteering with ACS- perhaps expand to an additional organization?
6. Pay off credit cards by December- no more using credit cards.
5. Eat healtier- cook at least 4 meals per week. Limit fastfood intake to twice per month.
4. Try a new recipe every week.
3. Start a monthly brunch club- who is interested in joining?
2. Save 10% of takehome per week.
1. Secret goal- I will let you know when it's accomplished...but its getting close!

Thanks for all your support and friendship. 28 was a great year. 29 is shaping up to be the same!!!

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