Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silver Bells, Silver Bells...It's Christmas time in the Danz/Best House

Scott and I got into the Christmas spirit yesterday.  As previously written, we went to Macy's to take pictures of the holiday windows, and then shopped til we dropped.  (well, Scott shopped...he has been very  busy with school etc. and hasnt got shopping done.  I only have one more gift to buy (yes, Im's worth it).  So, Scott did a lot of shopping yesterday.  The stores weren't that bad but we also didnt get very far up Michigan....we ended up going to Bed Bath and Beyond....and after that we  had to get back on the train...we kinda bought the store...We had dinner reservations at a place called the Sai Cafe in Lincoln Park off Armitage, so we came home, dropped off bags from trip #1 and hopped back on the train to head to the Armitage Brown Line stop.  We did a bit more shopping, and a lot of window shopping and then it was getting cold.  So we stopped in a little Boston Bar for a pre-dinner drink.  We realized as we were in there that it was where we once watch the Boston College Hockey game with some friends, so good memories.

Anyways, we had a wonderful Susui dinner last night, and then came home.  I was all about wrapping all the presents....until I put on Love Actually and started cuddling on the couch...3,2,1 asleep.

So today, we wrapped (again, all my presents were already wrapped, have been for about a week)....but we got Scott's done).  So welcome to our winter wonderland.....

Our fake greenery hanging on the door...silly radiators almost make it impossible to have live's sad:(

Duel room shot

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....look at all our wrapped presents....we need to do a better job of changing up the wrapping paper!

Yes, we have on the TV and scott is working on his laptop...we are big users of energy.  you will see soon that I love nutcrackers....there are three in this on the table next to the lamp, and two on the movie shelf....they are my stocking holders...They are too small to see:(.  In case anyone is interested, on television is "The People Speak" on this history channel.  Check it out.

And here are SOME of the nutcrackers...yes, that's right SOME.  I have so many, and I no longer have a fireplace or I am using my bar....classy, right.  Also, please note the disporportionate amount of glasses and wine bottles....we have pretty much gone through all of the ones we got from housewarming...I guess we need to have another one of those.

And finally, my cute bell can also see more nutcrackers on the right wall.  See the box in the middle, inside that box, there are several little gifts that will be headed out west soon (read, whenever I make it to the post office:))

I hope you enjoy our Christmas decor. 

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