Thursday, September 10, 2009


so, first off, I apologize to the million and a half of you whose weddings I have already been to. They, also, were fun. However, I think the cake goes to Emily and Marc (hereafter referred to as M&Em Olsen.

The following bullets are ways to make your wedding enjoyable to the plethora of out of town guests:

1. Have the most awesome wedding party ever (and ensure they have equally as awesome dates). Ok- Im speaking mostly of the brides side and the male siblings of M&Em, but I have never been in a bridal party where everyone got along, laughed, and enjoyed themselves for the whole weekend

2. Make a weekend of it (by the time Sunday came around, I had already made new friends, and so by the time the wedding was there, I felt like I knew everyone.) M&Em have AMAZING, SMART, SOPHISTICATEd (minus myself) AND ENCHANTING Friends. So funny, so entertaining. You know when your abs still hurt two days later that the festivities were quite impressive.

-Steps to Making a Weekend Out Of It

A. Determine what is the best thing about your city and ensure everyone else has the chance to enjoy it

B. Make several itenerarie, for all the various people who will be enjoying the festivities

C. Ensure alcohol is served at most locations- it loosens people/me up and ensure everyone has a good time

3. Live Band/Great Music/Surprises

From the AMAZING Georgia Tech Glee Club to the wedding party's redention of "Single Ladies" M&Em ensured thier guests were enjoying themselves for every moment of the weekend.

Congrats M&Em. Thanks for a memorable and fabulous wedding.

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  1. I love it! I also love your dress. Very pretty and flattering on everyone!!! So glad you had fun.